Business Networking

Mobile Apps for Business Networking

Encourage your members to build meaningful relationships


Attract new and retain existing members by notifying them of upcoming events and opportunities at your Business Networking Group. Reward members for repeat visits by offering discounts and timely gifts. Increase revenue by allowing members to refer business contacts to your group directly through the app.

MOBILE APPS FOR Business Networking

iPhone + iPad + Android + Tablet + Mobile Website

A mobile app for your business networking group is a great way to attract new and engage existing members by keeping them up to date with upcoming events and opportunities. Your business networking group’s mobile app can also reward your regular members by offering them discounts and gifts to keep them coming week in and week out.

Your business networking group can also benefit from having a mobile app as it will help to increase your business networking groups brand exposure and improve member engagement. Your members will also have access to your social media directly through your new business networking group’s mobile app.