Mobile Apps for Play Centres

Give parents instant mobile access to your play centre


Keep parents and children coming back again and again by allowing them to book a party from any mobile device. Reward them for their loyalty and send out timely treats and gifts. Increase sales by integrating your very own mobile shop.


iPhone + iPad + Android + Tablet + Mobile Website

A mobile app for your play centre is one of the best ways to boost your business. Having an iPhone, Android and mobile web app for your play centre is a great way to increase your brand exposure and to keep your customers coming back for more. You can reward your customers for their loyalty with an inbuilt mobile stamping card. Your mobile app will allow your customers to book a session at your play centre directly through their mobile phone.

Your customers can submit photos of themselves whilst at your play centre by using the mobile apps ‘fun cam’ feature. You can market directly to your customers through the mobile push messaging system and keep them coming back for more fun and play!