What we do

We custom build mobile apps for any business who wishes to become as mobile as their customers and engage their customers in a new and modern way.


SME Mobile Apps helps any Small to Medium Enterprise to enter the Mobile Revolution. People are becoming more mobile. Your business should too. Do not be left behind.

We offer Event apps which can be used to promote and manage any event. Guests can be notified, invited and informed about the event they are invited to. They can then RSVP on the app, see what happens where (with GPS guidance), make accommodation bookings, make donations and form part of the planning if they wish. There are 19 feature available for this app. This app can be used for Product launches, Weddings, Year-End functions, birthday parties, Charity events or any event you want to add a special touch too. It is also very affordable…

SME Mobile Apps also develops Business Ready apps. These unique “Business-in-a-App” businesses are ideal for entrepreneurs who wishes to start a business and be part of the Mobile Revolution.

We are also always open to new ideas and to discuss how we can make your app idea a reality.